3 Career Options in Business With Job Security

Many people choose a career based on two factors: passion and job security. Fortunately, you can find many positions in the business industry that can provide both. Business careers are varied, from working in retail, entrepreneurship or marketing. Here are some business careers worth looking into.


If you are a creative sort, you may thrive in the marketing sector. The primary responsibility of those in marketing is to craft strategies that promote the company brand and increase product awareness. Marketing has come a long way from newspaper ads and billboards, though they are still used. Social media and digital marketing are trends that have taken over, bringing in the most consumer engagements. A degree in marketing will open many doors in the field, as it will give a comprehensive overview of what it takes to be successful.


For those who love to score a great deal, a job in purchasing might be a perfect choice. These individuals are responsible for negotiating low prices on raw goods and materials or arranging contacts that are beneficial to the company. While you can get some of this training through a basic business degree, attending procurement specialist training Calgary AB can give you a more in-depth education to be successful.


People who like to work with numbers and enjoy when fine details are balanced may find that working in accounting is a constant challenge. There is a separate accounting degree to provide more comprehensive training for this aspect of the business world, but a general business degree can give you a basic overview of what to expect. People who work in accounting can be responsible for payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable and taxes. This career requires extreme patience and attention to detail to be successful, through computer programs help avoid human error.

If you want a start in the business world, these three careers are a place to start. The right education and experience will be the key to succeeding in this industry.


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