Features Every Car Rental App Shall Offer

Have you ever considered the creation of a car renting online solution? Such kinds of programs are expected to be quite lucrative since Google keeps getting more and more requests from people who’re looking for effective applications to rent automobiles. We shall figure out what features have to be implemented to ensure the success of the resource.

Generally speaking, car renting software shall focus on several targeted audiences:

  1. Drivers who are looking for a vehicle to rent;
  2. Persons/companies owning cars;
  3. Admins.

Let’s speak about each group in greater detail.

Functionality for car renters

We’re to distinguish the features expected by people who need to rent an automobile. To ensure a better user experience, service owners shall enable an intuitive and clear interface, a higher speed of functioning, practical searching tools, the safety of financial operations, and more. The key functions include:

  • Registry. After an individual downloads an app, the next step is to go through the registration process. All users shall be registered and authorized to apply for the platform. It would be a nice touch if your people had a choice what to sign up by, say, social media, phone number, email, etc.
  • User’s profile. The idea is to allow auto renters to create accounts and provide certain personal details. Car rental solutions imply financial transactions, thus, it’s critical that the audience specifies such data, as definitive name, domicile address, experience in driving, and more.
  • Search instruments. People usually pay a lot of attention to how convenient search engines are. Their task is to easily find an automobile that would correspond to all their preferences. In case you decide to create a car rental application, try to implement multiple filters for the audience to define their requirements on the model of the auto, preferable rental fees, the need for a child seat, and so forth.
  • Vehicle booking means. After an individual has applied for a convenient search engine to easily find a car he/she needs, a user will expect to be able to check whether it’s available at the required moment, and to book it. In our experience, automobile renters believe that the presented feature is one of the most essential parameters for such kinds of online programs.
  • Driver ordering options. Occasionally, people might need vehicles together with drivers. Thus, users will appreciate the possibility to use the resource for ordering driver services. To ensure the given option, you’ll need to hire professional drivers, or maybe car owners will agree to drive.

Functionality for individuals willing to offer their vehicles for rent

As a matter of fact, some organizations that own vehicle fleets might decide to provide those services as well. The following key parameters will be valuable for those people/companies:

  • Registry. If you as an app owner don’t actually have autos to offer for rent, you’ll need to find institutions to cooperate with. Not surprisingly, this group of users shall also be able to get registered in the framework. In general, the approach to this point is the same, as we’ve discussed regarding car renters.
  • Account. In case we’re talking about individuals owning automobiles, they shall enter personal details and provide some descriptions of vehicles for rent. When dealing with fleet owners, make sure every auto has its own page with a detailed description.
  • Panel. Car holders shall have certain management tools to change some data, whenever required. For instance, they might need to add images, deal with availability schedules, monitor statistics, and more.

Undoubtedly, you’ll also need some admins to manage your online system. And, clearly, those people also require certain tools and instruments to ensure the proper operation of your software. Here are a few ideas for you to consider: means to manage the audience, run transactions, handle lists, coordinate dashboards, and the like.

Moreover, there are specific parameters that all users will need. For instance: GPS navigation, mapping & routing, payment gateways, online chats, analytical tools, etc. You shall keep them in mind while designing your vehicle rental platform to make you provide high-quality services keeping your audience satisfied.

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