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3 Misakes To Avoid On Social Media

If it seems like everyone from celebrities to big companies to your mom’s best friend’s pet bird is on social media…it’s probably because they are. Social media has exploded in the last decade, and as technology and algorithms continue to evolve, the way people interact with each other will also change.

In an ever-expanding world of tweets, Instagram stories, YouTube ads, Metaverse communities, Twitch streams, LinkedIn blogs, and Discord servers, it may feel like you need to be on every platform in existence to succeed nowadays. Luckily that’s not the case! Picking one or even a handful of social media platforms to focus on can be beneficial so you don’t spread your resources too thin. For example, David Geithner, former CFO of Condé Nast, primarily uses Medium for posts and bios.

Whichever social media platforms you choose to engage with, there are some evergreen tips on what not to do. If you’re a business that wants to improve your revenue and marketing presence with social media, it’s even more important to avoid these mistakes.

  1. Don’t Spam

No one likes getting spam calls about your vehicle’s extended warranty. And email clients have spam filters to trash all those phishing attempts, unwanted ads, and other junk mail that clutters our inboxes. As much as you want to sell your product or services, spamming is the worst way to do it — in fact, it will have the opposite effect. You’ll get blocked and possibly reported.

Being authentic, engaging your followers, and consistently providing updated and fresh content is a much better way to sell your brand. Interact with your customer base, answer comments, and offer a positive experience when someone engages with your social media posts.

  1. Don’t Grow Cobwebs 

If you have a social media platform that hasn’t been updated in weeks or months, people won’t see it as having value. By contrast, an active presence on your preferred social media platforms shows an ongoing engagement with your audience and is more likely to hook people and encourage them to follow your account.

For personal accounts, activity isn’t as big a deal. People have lives outside the internet, after all, or they migrate to different platforms or lose interest in specific media accounts. But for a business or brand, staying active is a key to generating engagement and convincing the algorithms to show your content to the people who want to see it.

  1. Don’t Harass

Seems like a simple guideline, right? The golden rule of treating others how you want to be treated would seem a no-brainer. But unfortunately, with few filters or barriers to access, social media has a tendency to lower inhibitions in people. Don’t give in to petty urges or anger. Especially when you run a professional business or handle social media accounts for a legitimate corporation, picking fights on the internet or harassing individuals or rival companies is not only a bad look, but it could land you in legal trouble as well.

Be nice on the internet. Be professional and authentic. It goes a long way and will benefit not only you but your business as well.

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