10 Fun Surprises for Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events can be boring, but with these 10 ideas, your next event is sure to be fun, engaging, and exciting.

Corporate events are great opportunities for networking, making new connections, and sharing positive experiences. However, sometimes event organizers rely too much on the tried and true activities, resulting in events that feel stuffy and stale. Try one of these great twists when planning your next event to keep your participants engaged, interested, and excited to be there.

1. Try a New Venue

When you’re planning a stellar event, choosing the right venue is the first and most important step. To spice up your next event, choose a corporate event venue that’s a bit off the beaten path. Try booking your event at a local museum, trendy hotel, rooftop bar, or even in a national park. Visiting a fun location with many points of interest will help shift your attendees’ into a more open and creative state of mind.

2. Designate Space for Networking

Next, you’ll want to have a plan for how your event space is laid out. Designating a networking lounge or mingling area will encourage guests to get to know new people. Make sure there are places for people to sit, and you might even consider setting up a bar in this area.

3. Break the Ice

Lots of people feel awkward and nervous when they’re meeting new people. As a savvy event organizer, you can alleviate these feelings by providing some icebreaker questions or leading an icebreaker game. Try playing two truths and a lie. You could also have your participants pair off and interview each other about their lives. After interviewing each other, they can share their findings with the group.

4. Charge Your Guests Up

In this digital age, there’s nothing worse than a low battery. Have charging stations on tabletops or counters so your attendees can keep their devices going. This way, they can be prepared to exchange contact info or other valuable things right there on the spot.

5. Give Out Gifts

Put together a nice swag bag for everyone who attends your event. Everyone loves free stuff, and your swag will remind attendees of your great event later on. You can easily get all kinds of products, like water bottles, t-shirts, pens, and candy branded online with your company’s logo.

6. Pay It Forward

Involving a local charity organization in your event is a great way to make it more engaging and increase participation. Even if you aren’t fundraising, you might consider inviting a charity organization to set up a booth to educate your guests about what they do. This creates a connection to your community and lends you some extra credibility as a company.

7. Win First Prize

Raffles, silent auctions and other games are a fun way to get people involved at your event. Offer a few fun prizes like theater or concert tickets as well as some larger corporate gifts from your company. You might also consider offering productivity tools or other things your employees might actually love to use in the office. If you work in an open office, noise-canceling headphones can be a great and coveted prize.

8. Make a GIF

Photo booth stations can be fun, but why not update that idea with a GIF station? This modern twist on an old favorite will make your corporate party even more memorable. Plus, people will want to share their GIFs on social media, which will raise awareness about your brand.

9. Quench Their Thirst

It’s hard to enjoy an event when you’re dying of thirst. Set up hydration stations with corporate-branded water bottles and other beverages. Your guests will thank you and you’ll be doing effortless marketing.

10. Hire a Host

Not feeling confident about hosting your event? Choose an MC from your company or hire an event facilitator to run the event. The right person for this job will know how to keep the fun flowing while also sticking to your company’s goals for the event.

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