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How Booth Staff Can Stay Energized During Tradeshows

It is important for the booth staff to stay energized right from the time the floor opens, until closing time. Your staff needs to stay alert at all times, to create a pleasant and informative experience for those who pass by the booth, pick up hints during conversations so that they can know whether they have a lead, in addition to appearing happy, relaxed and enthusiastic during each event.

Here are a few tips that booth staff can use to stay energized during the events:

Eat a healthy dinner and a healthy breakfast

If you know you will be attending a tradeshow the next day, be careful what you eat the night before, and on that very morning. Don’t overindulge in evening parties or cocktails the night before. For breakfast, go for a wholesome choice that will give you enough calories to sustain you throughout the day.

Get enough sleep

The last thing you want to do during a tradeshow is to doze off or appear bored or sleepy. This will not just interfere with your ability to perform your best, but if visitors notice you are sleepy and appear uninterested in them, they will just walk away. It is never considered professional to sleep at work.

Stay hydrated

This sounds simple, but if you attend a busy show, it is so easy to get dehydrated. Dehydration will then invite tiredness, hunger and fatigue and in no time, everything will start to turn you off. To avoid this, simply ensure that you stay hydrated and drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty. When the traffic slows down, take the opportunity to have a sip of water before continuing to tend to visitors.

Plan ahead

Every staff member at your booth, should know their specific role on the day of the trade show. As such, they ought to plan how they will execute their duties very carefully. Sometimes things can get crazy, and without a plan, it is easy to get stressed and not perform to your full capacity, as you had intended.


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