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Lead From the Front with CSPO Training

CSPO or Certified Scrum Product owner leads a Scrum Team. It is the responsibility of the CSPO to maintain the product backlog and add value to the end product. By ensuring timely feedback from the customer and communicating priorities within the Scrum team, the CSPO upholds Agile values and principles. A CSPO course is the best way to imbibe Scrum values that put human interaction over comprehensive documentation. A full -time product owner maintains transparency within the Scrum team and communicates with respective stakeholders. This agile project management method yields a positive outcome in the form of shippable product at the end of short, focused work periods called ‘Sprints’. By sharpening your Scrum skills, a CSPO is ready to serve as a successful product owner of a Scrum team.

A Certified Scrum Product Owner masters strategic management skills that benefit the organisations to a large extent. A CSPO handles emotional intelligence, better collaboration and negotiation within teams, stakeholder management, improves Return On Investment, reduces risk by planning and creates practical schedules effectively.  CSPO Certification can improve your chances of growth, stability and career opportunities in this highly competitive job market.

The CSPO Certification from the Scrum Alliance will validate your agile management skills and create opportunities for achieving the target value at the end of the Sprint Goal. A CSPO acts as a ‘servant leader’ who is committed to work within the Scrum framework and assist in creating self-organising and self-managing teams. This on-demand course is intact the need of the era across industries. It helps to accelerate your career growth and contribute to your organisation by upholding Scrum values.

This 2-day Certified Scrum Product Owner Training focuses on value-based training that helps to handle real-world problems with practical examples as demonstrated in classrooms. You can learn to use Scrum in a variety of environments by applying the tips and tricks as guided by the experienced mentors of Zeolearn. The highly qualified trainers of this academy inspire students to address job challenges by using industry-relevant skills. Registered students become Scrum Alliance members and engage with a community of recognised Scrum experts, access local groups, resources and networks by enrolling for this course. This affordable course prepares you for the Certified Scrum Product Owner certification that is rewarding in terms of personal and professional growth.

It offers an interactive and interesting live classroom session. The comprehensive courseware covers fundamentals of Scrum framework, roles and responsibilities of a Product owner, scrum master and team role. The CSPO course delivers training to meet the needs of individual keeping business prospects in mind.  You will learn about product vision, estimating levels in scrum, understanding product backlog, release management with a vision for the future and understanding team commitment.

Zeolearn is a Global Registered Education Provider of Scrum Alliance. A basic Scrum knowledge is needed for attending this course. All registered students get a downloadable copy of the course content. Depending on the training location and the size of the group, discounts are also given to students.

CSPO Certification is a globally recognised training that will broaden your perspective on Agile and embeds skills for better project management and business analysis. For any further queries on the course, you can mail to support@Zeolearn.com or join live chat for instant support.

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