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The Advantages of WAN Optimization and Management


By optimizing your WAN network, you can achieve better performance on the entire extensive area network. This type of optimization focuses on enhancing application access hosted on the wide area network data center. Network users in other branch offices can remotely access these applications.

WAN accelerators or applications can be used to speed up these connections which become more efficient compared to the traditional connections. Data centers play a vital role in optimizing WAN networks, however, with the new WAN OP service; this can be done even away from the data center. WAN OP can be cloud-based similar to “as a service” types only that you will have to buy services from a provider rather than putting the investment in your assets. When moving to a cloud-based service, you can benefit greatly. Some of the benefits include:

Reduced Expenses – selecting the “as a service” option for WAN OP, you don’t have to purchase any modern equipment to benefit from the latest performance and reliability. However, you will only use the pay as you go basis. The service providers for management have already invested in the technology and only sells access to these technologies and resources to clients.

Mostly, this model applies to software hosting, websites, and network platforms. WAN Optimization services allow users to connect to an optimized cloud-based WAN rather than physical on-premise ones. Even though different clients share these resources, they are highly private, and no data ends in the wrong hands.

Reduced IT support requirements – service providers do almost all the tasks including maintaining, updating, troubleshooting, monitoring, and data center support. This way, you will inquire minimum IT support costs. However, this does not render your IT department jobless but gives them reproof from constant network maintenance. Furthermore, it grants them more ample time to work on other vital duties.

Minimum operation costs – Apart from cutting down or reassigning your IT personnel, other expenses related to running a physical data center can be reduced or completely removed. Additionally, energy consumption and things like square footage can be slashed.

Speedy deployments – when deploying WAN optimization services, it takes a shorter period than building the system from scratch. Apart from this, routine management tasks are quite simplified. Most work will be cut out for you in the long run.

Improved performance – Moving to a cloud-based WAN OP solution enhances an organization’s bottom line as well as network performance. The connections between client segments and the private, cloud-based WAN are highly optimized for better performance using the WAN accelerator. Additionally, you can host your applications on the accelerated WAN for super-fast file and network access. Whichever WAN management and optimization solution you choose to use, it will be easier to speed up connectivity between data centers, branch offices, cloud-based applications, and company’s headquarters.

Does the WAN optimization option seem like a viable solution for your company? It should be. Modern businesses use applications, voice, and video all of which need large amounts of bandwidth to run. Consequently, WAN optimization and other forms of cloud computing enable organizations to increase capacity, efficiently run networks and minimize overall costs.

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