Property management program – all-in-one solution for managing industrial spaces

Automated processes and increased work performance with features built specifically to meet your property management needs may sound magical, but it become true while you are using property management program. Manage warehouses and other industrial spaces, maximize revenue, get better insights on your business and improve your customers’ satisfaction – all of it with all-in-one solution.

Understand your business with property reporting and property analytics

Using property management program you could gain better insights about your business because of integrated property reporting tools. They provide reports of territory, building, sites or units as well as detailed rent, lease status, sales and financial status. With property reporting you will have a better understanding as to whether certain industrial spaces need special attention and what actions are needed to decrease management and maintenance expenses. Basically, you will determine areas for improvement.

Of course, it could be hard enough to understand a whole data package the property management program gives. Property analytics are here to help you. Reporting module allows you to enjoy pre-designed reports: an Area-Contract Analysis report, Revenue Forecast report, Revenue Comparison report, Lease Expiration report and others. In addition, if it is not enough to fulfill your needs, you can use property analytics as well as a set of data sources for building custom reports with external tools (BI systems or Excel Pivots).

Reduce operational costs with program management tools

Property management program enables comprehensive expense management, lease tracking and flexible billing, so you will always keep an eye on your company’s finances and minimize possibility of unexpected expenses. Using program management tools you will be able to control fees for maintenance, heating, water supply, electricity, security etc. by setting up meters and tracking meter readings. It also allows calculating common area maintenance fees and distributing them automatically based on the rules set up.

Also, rich financial functionality of program management tools lets you to have a complete control on your daily financial operations. You will be able to manage your general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, analytical accounting, fixed assets, and cash flow etc. all in one place.

Make your business super-efficient with automated solutions

Property management program helps much more than just in everyday tasks such as creating and storing whole company’s data or signing lease contracts. It makes more efficient not only internal processes, but communication too. Using it you can track communication history between salespeople and customers, send newsletters to different segments to keep your tenants or prospects informed, share general information, reminders, updates, and announcements to your colleagues.

In addition, integrated maintenance management tools help you to take care of your buildings. In the same place you can plan and track maintenance work: assign tasks to another person in charge or create a recurring maintenance schedule for such works as assets inspection, elevator checks, etc., see the whole maintenance history of particular real estate object.

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