top 3 best employee engagement software 2023

Many of us must have heard about employee engagement software but we haven’t known about it in depth. This article is all about employee engagement software, comparison criteria, requirements, and many more. We have also listed the most reviewed top 3 employee engagement software 2023 to make it an easy task for you guys to choose one for your company. Let us get started.

Employee Engagement Software Comparison Criteria 2023. What to look for?

Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria:

  • User Interface (UI): Engagement software ought to be…engaging! I’m looking for employee engagement tools that are visually appealing and fun to use. Bonus points include if they employ gamification tactics or borrow ideas from social media.
  • Usability: Will both employees and managers find the system easy to use? And will these features encourage them to engage on a regular basis?
  • Integrations: Does the software connect easily with other employee management tools? Are there pre-built integrations to major HR systems?

Employee Engagement Software Key Features

There are various types of software in this category. Here are the main features you should look for:

  1. Daily Engagement with Employees: dashboards, gamification, and activity feeds where team members can interact to boost engagement throughout the employee lifecycle
  2. Goal Setting & Tracking: tools that define goals and expectations, then reward engaged employees for achieving them
  3. Performance Evaluation: monitors performance from onboarding onwards, according to to give Key Performance Indicators
  4. Employee Training Tools: ensures that everyone knows how to make the best use of the software
  5. Survey & Feedback Options: gather real-time feedback from employees to monitor progress, identify problem areas, and improve retention
  6. Employee Recognition: identifies and rewards employees who are achieving excellence in their work
  7. Collaborative Spaces: team-building communities that foster common interests among members

Top 3 best-reviewed employee engagement software 2023-

  1. Trakstar

In our list of employee engagement software, Trakstar is an HR performance-based software that helps businesses track, measure, and improve employee engagement. The software provides various tools to help managers identify engaged employees, understand the factors contributing to employee engagement, and take action to improve engagement levels.

  1. ClearCompany

ClearCompany is the easiest way to bring all of your employee engagement processes into a single, automated solution. Their easy-to-use software allows you to quickly set up surveys, create and approve employee goals, celebrate employee successes and personal milestones, and send shoutouts of recognition to individuals and teams.

  1. Workvivo

Coming to the third most reviewed employee engagement software, Workvivo is an employee experience app that has been specifically designed to foster engagement and emotional connection between employees and your company culture, no matter where they’re located.

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