I just received this amazing coat from Sheinside and I am literally in love. It’s so perfect and the colour is so beautiful and (I believe) flattering… I’ve had my eye on it for so long and I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on it ready for the freezing cold weather coming in – and it’s definitely a beautiful alternative to the huge craze going on – the pink coat.

I figured this would be a good opportunity to maybe start a little ‘series’ of posts on ‘ways to wear the pastel coat’ – This is actually quite challenging, my A/W wardrobe consists of a lot of black, a bit of red and a fair bit of pink, and I can imagine there are many of you out there who are the same as me here, so I’m going to put myself to the test and see what I can do, so, I hope you like this idea!

Also, a quick apology if my posts seem a little ‘everywhere’ at the moment, I’m still working out a routine now I’m interning and studying at the same time. But on an awesomely bright note, I’m loving my internship, and this is actually what I wore to it yesterday, along with my fab Ray-Ban Sunglasses!

In other news A/W is vastly approaching and I’m super excited. It’s not a secret how much I favour A/W fashion over S/S and people think I’m nuts, but there is nothing I love more than a blanket, a hot chocolate and a Tarantino movie. Being Northern, all I really know is cold – so I feel more at home when the chill comes to London and I get to get my gloves out, and some years I’m lucky enough for some snow and I get to dress head to toe in fur and look like a bear. Yep, I’m crackers. I know. But anyway, I’ve been so inspired by the upcoming season, particularly the Burberry collection and I’ve been absolutely dying to try the belted scarf look that was paraded down the runway by the likes of Cara and Jourdan. And one more thing I must get my hands on this season thanks to Burberry? A blanket cape. Oh. My. Lord. I’m in love.


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