Why Obtaining Maltese Citizenship for You & Your Family

Applying for Maltese citizenship has been an attractive option for those investors living in other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. It has some requirements for shareholders to meet to be eligible to apply for the program. Maltese citizenship has several benefits that you can gain after obtaining a European passport.

Freely Movement within the European Union

Malta is a proud member of the European Union, which allows foreign investors to acquire Maltese citizenship to live and work anywhere in 168 Schengen European countries without a visa. Being a Maltese citizen, you do not need to present visa or passport checks while traveling these countries.

Fast Citizenship Process

The Malta citizenship process is not only simple but is also rigorous. Usually, it takes around twelve months to complete the citizenship process, which is much faster than similar programs in other European countries. It begins with the submission of the online Residence application and comes to an end with the certification of naturalization.

Passport for the Family

Applying for Malta citizenship can get you a European passport for you and your whole family. For this, you will need to make an additional contribution to obtain citizenship for your dependents. Any children born to Maltese citizens automatically become citizens of Malta. It means your children and grandchildren will succeed in Malta nationality without paying anything.

Tax Efficiency 

Malta has an attractive taxation system based on residency. It means that foreign investors may not have to pay tax on the island even if they get to become Maltese citizens. Malta also offers exclusive tax schemes for those who become new citizens after succeeding in Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme. These schemes can lead to additional tax efficiency to the overall taxation system of the country.

Malta is a stable and secure country on the continent. It not only boasts one of the highest GDP in European countries but is also known for having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world.


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