Will a Visa Lawyer Speed Up the Approval Process?

Whether a visa lawyer la-based or elsewhere in the nation will speed up the approval and immigration process is a question posed by immigrants since the beginning of the existence of the United States. Although immigration is a hot topic from one Administration to the next, the fact remains that the approval process can be slow. Love is waiting, spouses waiting for work, and a slow transition with the Biden Administration are all valid reasons to consider getting a visa lawyer today.

Months Apart in Love

The K-1 visa program is one program that illustrates the need for visa lawyers. In many cases, couples spend as much as 14 months apart, or in some cases years. They do so without seeing each other in person while waiting for the K-1 visa process to unfold in their lives. This is true love, and something the United States has to offer. However, it does come only with time.

A visa lawyer can help this process seem less heartbreaking.

Backlogs Prevent Work

Once in the United States, immigrants want to start making money. It’s one of the reasons they come here. However, a backlog on approvals for work permits for spouses makes that difficult. This takes a toll on the professional lives of the spouse who is working for them, but it also impacts their quality of life and makes the American dream feel so much farther away.

If this sounds familiar, you may be missing something from your application. There may be a stone that can be unturned with the help of a visa lawyer.

Consult With an Expert

When you are applying for a visa, the process is overwhelming. There’s so much to do and learn. A visa lawyer can always help alleviate some of these burdens and will be money well spent.


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