5 of the most common business communication issues

Communication is the foundation of business. If clients can’t tell you what they want and you can’t tell them what they can have and when they can have it, business as we know it will stumble to a standstill. Here are some common problems that can get in the way of effective communication.

Getting the message across

Messages that are garbled or not delivered can slow things down and affect productivity. Clients do not want to waste time with an organisation that does not take messages seriously or respond to them effectively.


Disorganisation is another productivity killer. People working on a project need to know what everyone else is doing for efficient progress. In addition, messages from clients must be processed efficiently, and there must be a system that makes it apparent when a message was received, who has responded to it, and what action was taken. These three issues can have a significant effect on client relations.

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Collaborative thinking

One department may not know what another is doing, which is a classic source of wasted energy and opportunities. Remote workers can also feel isolated and left out of the loop when it comes to updates on client matters and office matters. These issues can both be addressed with better in-house communication systems. For more information on what it takes to manage remote workers effectively, see this report from The Guardian.

The right tools

The solution to many of these issues involves better IT and an effective VoIP platform that allows for the tracking of what staff are doing for group projects. If you want to find out more about what an International VoIP wholesale provider can do for your business, you might consider contacting a reputable provider such as https://www.idtexpress.com/. An International VoIP wholesale provider with a global network should be able to deliver a package that also cuts your costs.

A perfect setup

Without good communication, running a profitable business becomes much harder work. Investing in an effective communications system is fundamental to success. With VoIP, very little hardware is needed, which makes it a cost-effective and flexible tool for managing staff and clients, staying on top of all the tasks that need to be completed, and ensuing that everyone who needs to know what tasks have been completed is informed.

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