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Why Local Drug Stores Failed Against Online Pharmacies?

It is said that failure of someone becomes the success of other and if we take the statement in context with failure of local drug store and success of online pharmacies it seems quite apparent. Traditional local drug stores at present are fighting for revival whereas the not so old online pharmacy business model has been generating huge profits.

So the question is what went wrong for the local drug stores and what different the online pharmacies has done to achieve such a feet in such a short time. There are many reasons behind this, obviously some points which were neglected by local drug stores and some points of which the online pharmacies have taken full advantage of.

Let’s quickly go through the points which states why local drug stores failed miserably against the new kid on the block the online pharmacy:

Customer service:

We all know local drug stores don’t really emphasize much on the customer service. The customer comes to buy medicines, pays the bill and leaves the stores. This is the story of most local drug stores and one can very easily notice that there is no extra efforts made to make the customer feel delighted.

On the other hand the online pharmacies have given utmost priority to the customer service. Not only people can return or ask for refund but efforts are made to ask the experience of the users. This makes the customer feel very important.

Reviews are asked from the customers and requested to submit feedback to take the user experience to a new level. So online pharmacies have done nothing special, all they have done is that they have asked the customers itself to suggest ways to make customer experience better.

Availability of medicines:

This is one factor that has hit the local drug stores the most. Many a times a person who has drove a long way to buy a medicine hear that the medicine he is looking for is not available or the drug store don’t keep it in inventory. This force the person to visit multiple stores to buy the specific medicine. This is actually very frustrating for people and makes them look for other alternatives.

On the other hand the online pharmacies keep almost every medicine to meet the specific requirement of their customers. Not only this, but the customer needs not to even step out of his house to buy the medicines. This has inclined people toward Canadian pharmacy online against the local drug stores.


We all know that to buy a medicine from a local drug store the person has to visit the store and make the payment. This is certainly not what people these days want because everybody is busy with their hectic work schedule. Online pharmacies in this regard has provided utmost convenience to their customers. Once the customer places an order the online pharmacies make sure that the medicine is delivered right at the doorstep of the customer.

Beside these, there are many points which clearly states why local drug stores have failed miserably against the online drug stores.

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