“Phishing Site Take Down” Service with Online Security Patrol: Fraudwatch International

The main advantageous effect of booming up of information technologies is that it creates a digital pathway to connect with other people’s life but on the contrary people are using its advantage to abuse or victimize innocent technology users online. Thus, FraudWatch International is concern with these situations and its purpose is to make online world convenient, safe and secured to online users. With its expertise in the industry and the development of their “phishing site take down” service, online abuse will be minimized gradually. Phishing involves scamming which makes FraudWatch International an online security patrol which provides security services. Rapid response, active monitoring, and detecting phishing before it occurs are the main services they can offer to an effective site take down.

Rapid Response to Minimize Phishing

Emergency response such as fastest take down service is the thing FraudWatch International can offer. Connections to the different online industries are what make them reliable. The established connections with key industry suppliers gear them to take immediate actions to address the situation. Minimizing the impact on brand’s reputation is the thing that they have on their list. They value it so much that their relationships to social media platforms are already established to offer the industry with the fastest take down service.

Actively Monitor The Phish

Monitoring is the process of doing relevant checks on regular or specific intervals. This may include working round the clock. Working round the clock is what gears up FraudWatch International. When hooking the “phish”, they make it into a sure catch to have a close look on it. FraudWatch International team and system provides 24/7 monitoring upon the detection of criminal activity. Sending alerts to the victim is part of their monitoring action to ensure and to take full account of the situation. Monitoring the phishing sites will give them the closest and relevant information to gradually minimize and vanish phishing activities.

Early Detection of Phishing Activity

Radio detection and ranging (RADAR) is the most common tool detect early signs of danger. Just like modernized radars, FraudWatch International works the same too. Early detection of phishing activity is what make the service valuable. Utilization of the technology developed in-house assists in the identification of phishing sites. The technology advancement method enables early detection of many phishing sites when first viewed. The method is used as a protection or security features before online criminals send their phishing emails.

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