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Get The Right Prep Material And Guidance – Opt For The DevOps Foundation Course!

DevOps is a methodology applied to a Software Life Cycle. It is a cross-functional and collaborative combination of software development and IT operations. It is an approach to overcome the challenges that occur across teams and functions and the need to work more cohesively for greater client satisfaction.

The final aim is to ensure seamless, faster to market, higher quality and a cost-effective software program or project launch. DevOps is applicable to the entire end-to-end process of development, delivery, deployment, management and maintenance of software.

DevOps is dynamic. It evolves with the need to be Agile, Lean, digitally transformative, disruptive and so much more.

To meet the industry’s growing needs of DevOps, there are courses tailormade for professionals. To get started you need to attend a foundation-level course. The DevOps Foundation course is just what you are looking for to accelerate your career. You will also be able to professionally showcase your course accomplishments with the associated DevOps Foundation certification.

Target audience 

So, who can take this course? This course is both for individuals and teams. 

Individually, if you are a Project/Program Manager or an Enterprise Infrastructure professional this DevOps course is indispensable to your growth. As a group, you can avail of corporate training plans. There are many types of discounts available too.

On a wider scale, the course is designed for a bigger audience keeping in mind both the business and the technical aspects of DevOps.

Mode Of Delivery

The DevOps Foundation course is delivered in instructor-led collaborative classrooms. You can choose a time slot to attend according to your convenience. There are virtual classrooms for you to attend the course anytime, anywhere. Instructors are global leaders with industry connect.

Course Curriculum

The curriculum is comprehensive, based on the latest version – DevOps Foundation V3 launched by the DevOps Institute.

The topics are:

  • Exploring and defining DevOps
  • Importance of DevOps
  • Core DevOps Principles
  • Major DevOps Practices
  • Business and Technology Frameworks
  • Culture, Behaviors & Operating Models
  • Automation & Architecting DevOps Toolchains
  • Measurement, Metrics, and Reporting
  • Sharing, Shadowing and Evolving
  • Collaborative Platforms
  • Immersive, Experiential Learning
  • DevOps Leadership
  • Evolving Change

The curriculum is based on the latest advancements of the DevOps community. There will be live case studies from industry leaders like ING Bank, Ticketmaster, Capital One, Alaska Air, Target and so on.

These will help you gain exposure to the DevOps world and teach you how to apply the latest DevOps practices on the job. Once you know how to successfully apply DevOps, you will achieve the next level of your career vis-à-vis your company’s development and business goals.

The course will steer you towards a final intention to reduce cost (15-25% overall IT cost reduction), increase quality (50-70% reduction in change failure rate) and improve agility (up to 90% reduction in provision and deployment time) in alignment with your organisation’s business and technical objectives.

Course Prerequisites And Certification

You need no prerequisites to attend the course. However, there is a DevOps Foundation certification that is available after taking an exam associated with the course. To appear for this exam, you must:

  • Complete an accredited course.
  • Have a basic understanding of IT and IT frameworks like Agile, Lean, ITSM etc.

Upscale with the DevOps course.

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